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I don’t know, I just don’t.

We spent like a total of nearly 7 hours arguing over everything I’m not doing and need to do then how I feel about it. Even cried all the way through the ‘Burg.

I woke up sad this morning. I took a nap and dreamt I totaled the car we drove down, as in crashed and it got set on fire.

I then let my husband injure his arm and did nothing but said took ibuprofen which doesn’t really help torn tendons. I didn’t realize or think at all he’d be in pain. I failed our unified front. WTF?!

I’m forgetting everything and being super selfish. *sighs*

I just want to go home and maybe things will be a bit better with my husband and I. I feel like I’m this terrible person and…I wish it’d stop.




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