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I don’t get it. I feel like complete unhappiness and I don’t know why. I want to be alone. I can’t relax. I wish I knew the trigger. I suspect medicine dosage difference doing it but hubby isn’t helping. He went to the grocery store and after lil’ man’s accident last week, he’s super sensitive and afraid of separation from Daddy. Daddy just went to the grocery store alone! I mean he can put him in the f^@%ing cart and get groceries. It’s not like he’s getting a lot or like he doesn’t get time to himself or something! It’s so infuriating and frustrating. I just want him to go away all day but come home and cook and sleep in the same bed as me. Ii know that’s not fair and pretty much entirely mean to even ask for that. I just feel like that. I hope tomorrow is better.

I realize I’m getting words on me along with the beautiful nine pointed star tattooed. I just haven’t found the right words.

I want it to say something like ‘I never had a broken heart until I lost you’ but that doesn’t sound right.



I am a job seeker. I am looking for a position in a fast pace office setting that is seeking a loyal, dedicated, quick learner who wants to help and improve those around them.

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