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A Tragedy, Pt. 1 (written 5/9/12)

To sit here on this pew watching them wheel in your coffin knowing your body is inside it, I feel nothing. I’m not numb but I’m not sad or angry or, well, anything. I just don’t feel anything towards-that. I’m content, I guess. I think I already said goodbye. I’m happy to see our friends, many whom I’ve know since childhood. I wish more had come but I didn’t get to tell them. The wonders of technology, it can be very limiting or too much at times. I’m just unsure. I’m happy to have a few nice moments with my Siblings. It feels good right now.

I listen to this music, music you really enjoy. Listening to these people say all these wonderful things about you. I am glad they do. I wish either John Smith was here. They are such strong, vibrant men with great smiles and give great hugs. They end it now. Sister and Brother have it ending with Rainbow Connection. A favorite of yours. I think we used to sing it when watching the opening of that Muppet movie. It had my favorite song o/..footloose and fancy free…/o

Sister has been crying pretty much the whole time. I don’t understand why but I knew she’d cry a lot. You and her always butt heads. I’m upset that you two did and the horrible things she said once. It’s so contradicting and here she is…upset.

Stepdad said such a wonderful thing, “…these were the best 12 years of my life.” I’m glad he talked about the Faith and Death instead of you and him and sappiness. I think I would have started crying then. He doesn’t seem the type but it reminds me of yours and Dad’s marriage ceremony when you told me about it, how it turned into a fireside than really be a wedding. Gotta love us Baha’is, we always teach and love.

Brother even cried from what Don said. They sat on the other wise though with the, um, ushers..?




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