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She was taken
Taken from me before her prime
How dare you!
How could you do that?
How could you do that to her?

It’s taken so long to get to now
Tomorrow I pray we’ll know justice
I pray you are punished, condemned
Locked away
Throw away that key
Let him rot in empty darkness

Hatred can be so consuming
It burns inside your heart
A poison, blackening
Rotting away at the core
Slowly destroying you
Much like an unknown cancer eating away at or turning good cells

What are you doing?!
Do not say those things.
They are never worth it
Never go near their level
Never wish for anything but justice and pray for forgiveness
It may take years
It may take decades
If you are able to forgive her murderer than you are where God wants you to be
It may be difficult to see now but it’s there
No need to think of him after today
No need to dwell on such painful truths
No need to reflect on what is to come of him

Mourn your Daughter
Grieve but do not let is take you away
Breathe through each moment, no matter how raw they may be after so long
Love her
Honour her
Cherish her and all she did
Remember it was her sacrifice that stopped a violent, sick being from destroying more lives
She gave up the most precious thing she could in this life to save so many

Do not go willing into the darkness
The fire burns inside
Brighter than any human eyes may see
That piercing hot, blue flame few can actually see
What burns brightest, sadly, tends to burn the shortest
They may be the best of the Human Race, short and wonderful lives they have lived but they will always be remembered
Allow their deaths to be of joy, a celebration as they move on to the Next World
No matter what caused them to leave us here, they are so much closer to the Light
Able to see and understand more than we ever can in this mortal form
Able to assist and guide us
Aiding us so we may accept their passing There, continue on with our lives and be what we are ordained to be

That was their purpose, didn’t you see?

(For Jan, just a thought)


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