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A wish

Asleep, I awaken to this strange wobbling noise that I suddenly recognize. Even in the darkness, I recognize the shape. He landed in my bedroom in that box of his. All I can do is smile, from ear to ear. The door bursted open, his head popped out, our eyes meet with his wicked smile that says he’s come for you to take on a big adventure. “Would you like to come on an adventure?” He asked. I sit up and replied, “Please.”

He moved from the doorway, in a bow, he waved me in. I looked to my husband who was gawking at the mad man in the blue box. I looked back to the open door throwing my blanket off me as I quickly got up and rushed to the bottom drawer of our dresser. I quickly, loudly open two drawers grabbing black sweat plants and a white shirt which I threw at my husband. I stood there, back straight, hands on my hips, excitement radiating from me, “Get dressed, Babe. We got an adventure to go on.” I wrap our still sleeping 3-year old son in my comforter, kept his head on the pillow, picked him up and heading inside.

I looked around, amazed. It really was bigger on the inside. I set my son down on a couch inside near the console. I knew I had to do what so many had done before. I pushed past my husband who had walked inside to exit the famous blue box. I grinned wide and bright. I hurriedly walked just inside stating the obvious, ” It really is bigger on the inside.” I rush just outside again looking around my bedroom with questioning eyes. I look to that mad man as I walked back in, closing the door behind me, ” How does that big spaceship fit inside our small bedroom?”

He just grinned at me. His companion, a brown haired, slender woman taller than me but shorter than him. “What’s so special about you?” She asked me. He answered, “You complained about being alone so I thought we should have an adventure with someone else.” He looked at me smiling, racing around the console as he started pushing buttons, moving levers, readjusting knobs. He pulled a screen down and asked, “Where to?”

I rubbed my clammy hands on my dark grey sweat plants as I contemplated all the places I would love to see. I looked at my husband who had a smile on his lip brightening his dark eyes. “Where can we go?” He asked looking at the man then nodding at me. The man stood still away from the console and looked at me, “Anywhere you’d like.” He stated it so plainly, so matter-of-factly. I looked back to the man and said taking a step towards him, “Can we look at the sun?” He jumped back to the console and started pushing more buttons. I took another step excitedly saying, “No, can we look at the planets?” As I slowly walked towards him, my mind raced with places and times to go. The filter in my brain still off as it had yet to fully awaken, “Can I take pictures of the planets? No! The constellations!” I squeaked and clapped my hands as I got closer to the console. His companion more relaxed, smiled at me. “Can we look at the zodiac? All 12, or is it 13, Roman Constellations?” He continued to press buttons. “Wait!” I yelled causing everyone to pause and look at me, “Can we visit Rome?” That wonderful brown eyed man, madness and excitement glimmering from his eyes. “That’s what I’m talking about,” his companion replied.

As that familiar noise began. As we whisked off in time and space, a realizing came to me: this was a wish come true. This would allow me to do the one thing that I have always wanted to do since I lost her. Meanwhile, my husband had walked in front of our, somehow still, sleeping toddler to prevent him from rolling off the couch as the ship jerking and landed. He finally awoke. I had yet to realize this as I stood next to this wonderful dream of a man and his companion. My hands grabbing at the thighs of my sweats, “May I hug you?” He slowly turned around facing me, a soft smile with match soft eyes looked into mine. “Of course,” he replied gently bringing his arms up and out. I practically jumped into them. Wrapping my arms around him, a grin so wide that I couldn’t stop it if I tried. I squeezed him so tight, tears falling down my face. “Thank you,” I whispered. He hugged me back just as tight, “You’re welcome.” After another few moments, I let go and wiped my face.

Suddenly, my son loudly said, “Mommy, mommy, it’s Doctor Who! It’s Doctor Who!” I smiled warmly at 3-year old, “No, buddy. He’s called the Doctor, just Doctor.” I looked back at him, a sudden thought popped in my mind. I bit my lower lip beginning to chew on it. “Doctor,” I began. His kind, warm eyes with hidden laughter looked at me, “Could we–” I paused, “Could we go somewhere else instead?” He took my face in the palms of his hands and leaned down quietly replying, “Anywhere you’d like.”


The sun began to rise as that familiar worble introduced us to the quiet neighborhood. We landed in the yard, next to an older black Mazda 323. I was the first out looking around, suddenly chilled by the winter air. It was late morning of December 3rd. I hurriedly walked to the driveway and past the cars to the back door. I opened the door, walked in looking around. The dogs barked, practically coming at me curious who came in. I bent over putting my open hands out with a smile, “Hey guys. How are you?” I petting Rusty and Tasha on their heads, rubbing behind their ears. I made sure to close the door with my foot then stepped towards Boris. “Hey, Boris.” I petting his back. Walking past him and the empty kitchen, I looked into the den to see Mom asleep in her lazy boy recliner, feeding tube and bag hooking into the port in her shoulder. It took me by surprised how much I missed her. I just stood there for a few minutes looking at her. Her small body, weakening, normal maintenance becoming difficult and apparent. Her energy level running lower and lower everyday. I walked down the steps quietly. The tv was but muted. I heard footsteps nearby causing me to stop and turn around. My stepdad came to see what the barking was. “Hey, I didn’t know you we’re coming.” I replied sheepishly, “We realized we’d be in town so we stopped by.” He nodded looking around, “Don and the baby here?” I nodded, “Yeah, they’ll be in, in a few. I hope it’s ok but we brought friends that I really wanted Mom to meet.” I turned around walking towards her again, “She Ben sleeping long?” “I dunno, probably.” I nodded and knelt beside her sleeping, wrapped up form. I gently put my hand on her arm shaking it, “Mom?” I paused a moment the tried again a bit firmer, “Mom?” I stood up, hands on my hips looking at her, “Mom, wake up!” She slowly opened her tired eyes at me. Her thin, pale pink lips became a weak smile which i replied in turn. She sat up a bit more and reached for her mouth moisturizer. “Hey, sorry to interrupt your nap,” I said apologetically. She shook her head with a bigger smile, “No, that’s fine, Sweets. I didn’t know you we’re going to be in town.” I knelt back down and held her hand. Her soft, thin, crinkling skin under my firmer skinned hand squeezed hers. She replied in like but weaker. “Neither did we. It was a last minute thing. I hope that’s all right.” She began to look around, “Where’s Donnie and the baby?” “They’ll be in in a minute.” I stood up keeping her hand in mine, “I have someone I would like for you to meet if you don’t mind. I don’t want to tire you out but…well, see for yourself.” “I’m not dressed,” she replied looking at herself in a white flowered mumu and a long dark green sweater. I shook my head, “They won’t care, I promise.” I helped her out of the lazy boy recliner. She grabbed her feeding bag hanger and rolled it around towards the steps. I helped into the kitchen. There stood my husband holding our son, the Doctor, and his companion in the Kitchen talking to my Stepdad. I took another step and she took her hand from mine, gawking, “Is that the Doctor?” I smiled at her, “Mom, this is the Doctor and his companion–” I just realized I hadn’t gotten her name. “I’m sorry. I never got your name,” I said to her. She assertively came forward, hand held out for my Mom to grasp. When she did, the Doctor’s companion said, “I’m Clara Oswin Oswald.” My Mother smiled shaking her hand, “Lynn Phillips, a pleasure to meet you, Clara.” I guided my Mother to the Doctor, ” And this Mom is the–” she interrupted me, breathlessly saying, “Doctor.” He took her hand, kissed the top, gave her gentle, firm hug the clasping her shoulder, “It’s so good to meet you, Lynn.” He turned into the kitchen, “Now why don’t we get something to eat?” There was an awkward moment as I coughed for the Doctor to look at me as I motioned to my Mom’s feeding tube, mouthing, “She cannot eat solids.” The Doctor rubbed his hands together looking around, “How about smoothies?” He asked. He clasped my Mom on the shoulders, “I hope you don’t mind, my Dear. I’m a bit pecking.” She smiled, ogling him like a fan girl and nodded, “That’s all right.” She looked at her husband, my Stepdad,”Gene, can you help? Show him where everything is?” He started to get the blender and fruit and such out. The Doctor looked at us, “Why don’t you go into the den and we’ll bring them out to everyone?”



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