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Ever feel like this?

I have this issue when it comes to sleep. My solution is to go down the rabbit hole; why not?

I read often, usually fantasy, science fiction, paranormal anything, and I love it. I just a pick a book and put myself in. It is fun to run away with my imagination and it is away to relax by getting away from reality.

It seems creativity is something that my generation has lost. Creativity and imagination are not a focus of today’s education. All the higher ups and decision makers judge students by test results, in primary and secondary education (elementary, middle, and high school). It’s a worry of mine since I have a son who next year will begin kindergarten. We are moving to a better school district and keeping our employment in order to provide a better education for my eventual public schooler. I was educated in public school and my parents supplemented. I think it is great for parents to participate in their child(ren)’s education since it is also spending time with their child(ren).

I apologize. I did not mean to go on a tangent about the issue, but education is something I firmly believe that everyone deserves and should have.


I am a job seeker. I am looking for a position in a fast pace office setting that is seeking a loyal, dedicated, quick learner who wants to help and improve those around them.

Would love to hear from you!

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