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Differences between Work, Home, and School Life

It always amazes me the difference between the environment of work and home. I work at a University in an office setting which, as busy and stressful as it usually is, is extremely organized and focused. I know the expectations, desires, goals, and so forth. I am there eight to nine hours a day, 5 days a week, and I feel so much more alert and happy; and at times, find my work extremely fun and enjoyable. I enjoy my boss and 98% of the aspects of my job.

At home, I can feel so lost, unfocused, and exhausted. I get home wanting to relax and my wonderful lil’ D wants to play and draw, even though I just picked him up from daycare/pre-k. I guess it is he wants time with Mommy and Daddy, but how do you explain to a 4 year old that I’m mentally tired and need to relax. Yes, I let him watch tv–only shows that we have told him is ok and I usually watch most of them with him–or play on my iPad–again, apps that he knows is ok and I do periodically check on him–in order to get a break until after dinner during the week.

I, also, am a part-time college student working on my Bachelor of Science in Business with mostly online classes (a.k.a. self-study). Trying to find time, again, is an issue at home.

I have found balancing out school and home life to be challenging especially with ADHD. The challenge is if I lose interest in my classes, it’s extremely difficult to motivate myself to do the necessary work to get the grade. (I am trying to maintain a GPA above a 3.0; I would love to graduate with some kind of honors.) Spending the wonderful time with my son, it can be difficult to keep myself awake after he has fallen asleep in order to allow myself complete focus on my school work.

Tools I have found helpful:
I use a planner by writing everything down and duplicate it into my phone’s calendar, which is also linked to my work email’s calendar. This allows me constant, visual reminders. I am a very visual person but also a kinetic learner, which is why I write everything down on top of typing into my calendars.

A new app I have started using recently is Evernote. It is no longer only a task list that can be shared as when I was first introduced to it, but takes pictures and even uses post-its to better take images of hand written notes allowing for clearer visual reminders. My favorite part is an alarm can be set to remind you of the note/task/picture too. I use it for home, school, and work, mostly work. I am currently debating on getting the premium account, or if I should see if I can put together a strong enough argument to my boss getting a business account, since having notebooks that can be shared allowing for multiple people to post in one place. The other strong aspect is you can upload PDFs and other attachments into a note either by phone or free desktop software, which when shared, someone can easily access without printing, sending an email, or using a flash drive.

No, I am not being endorsed or anything by Evernote or anyone else, but it would be awesome if Evernote or another company did. Lol!

I just want you to know what works for me because it might work for you too.

What have you found to keep you organized and focused at home, work, or school? Please feel free to comment! look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for reading.



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