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Hiding in a bed of irises (secret hiding place)

I have no where to hide
I have no secret hiding place to run away too
I’m lost and scared
One moment I can’t feel while the next I’m overwhelmed with emotions
There’s no control over my head and my heart
There’s no true balance
and it hurts me
I want to scream til I cannot any longer
I want to throw and destroy all objects around me
I want to destroy those that annoy me and get in my way
I want to just do something other then feel this way
I’m tired and sleey
my eyes can barely stay open
but here I am writing this out
Iris of lavenders, purples and blues
with white touchs of decor
long dark green stem holding it all together
petals with seeds
mother with children to bear
nothing certain
My Iris
My Violet Eyes
gorgeous and beautiful
lose me
love me
hug me
be with me
never leave
never cheat or steal from me
say you won’t
say you’ll stay for always
I’ll do anything you want
I’ll adept any skill you need me to have
I’ll be here for you
for always
but I need you to be here for me more so
I need something
something solid
something tangible
something I can hold on to
an anchor for me to always keep
a lighthouse
a lighthouse so I can see my pathway
my maze of a pathway
as I wander in the path of delusions
of search
always in search for betterment
Be there for me
you’ll find me in my secret hiding place
the same where you’ll find the iris eyes
The very same place for my Iris Eyes
My Iris Eyes
Originally Written October 3, 2003


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