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Confessions of Hidden Truth

Dearest Readers,
Warning: This does contain vulgar language. Thank you.

Look at my eyes looking at yours
staring right through them into the nothingness behind them
Why can’t we just be together?
Why can’t we just be the way we once were?
It doesn’t always make sense to me
but I don’t think it makes sense to any of us.
At times it’s plain and simple, you see.
You betrayed my trust and destroyed my life the moment I found out the truth.
But all you did was deny everything I discovered to be true,
THAT doesn’t make sense to me
in my mind
in my heart
it’s betrayal
in yours
I don’t give a damn anymore
but I wanna be left the fuck alone.

Originally written 08 Feb 2004

If I recall correctly, this also was inspired by a book.




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