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My POV (point of view) poem

Sometimes it’d be so easy to give in I’d be so easy to pretend nothing happened and just be with you Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I did- if we did how others would react? Would I set myself up for more pain? Would things be different?
I give people second chances but when so many people forewarn me when so many people tell me not to when so many stay out of it because they’d care enough to not tell me then I believe there is no point to have a second chance
Do you see my problem yet? This was foretold me to that this entire thing would happen between us and it did. I believe people change I believe people are good by nature (most of the time)
Maybe I’m too influenced by one person maybe I’m influenced by many some people can be so strong and I try to fight it and I try to not give in but there are times where I’m too tired to fight anymore that I just give up and accept them
Sometimes when I see you or are near you I could give in and just forget I could say I forgave you but did I mean it? How would you know? How would I know?
Would everything be repeated over and over again? Humans will forever repeat history until they realize to change…
Can you change? Do you want to? Do you realize that you need to?
These are a few of my problems that I realize are there but I can’t help These are things that you my dear have to do on your own and I think I’m stopping you from doing that
What’s worse… the moment I decided to give you up all that love all the wonderfulness we had went up like smoke there was nothing left not hurt no resentment of any kind
I feel nothing for you now and that’s the part the scares me the most Why is it I don’t?
I feel like I’ve lied to myself the entire time our time that that that there’s been nothing there nothing truely sustaining us together as we once were
Why is that? Why, I ask you. Tell me. I don’t understand how it is one moment I love you and would die for you and all this shit happens the next thing I know, I feel nothing but relief.
How do you do that? Has it all been a lie?
I see you look at me I know you’re looking at me not just generally looking around like you play off I can see the pain in your eyes when you do I know it’s still there you feel hurt and betrayed just like I do
Why won’t you let me talk to you? I deal with one and yet the other refuses to speak to me unless it’s some benign subject where no one will get hurt at least that’s how it is to me
I need you to talk to me I need the closure and so do you you know it and so do I But you’re the one who refuses I’m sitting there patiently waiting and I’ll wait until graduation day after that no more
I’ll still say hi if I see you I’ll still do idle conversation when we meet again but we both know we’ll be left wondering what would happen we keep wondering the “what if’s”
Do you? Do you wonder? I realize now that I do still care for you but it’s very mild I hurt more than I care
Talk to me Listen to what I have to say show me that much respect and I’ll so the same
Sincerly Yours,
Originally written 2004 Feb. 27th


I am a job seeker. I am looking for a position in a fast pace office setting that is seeking a loyal, dedicated, quick learner who wants to help and improve those around them.

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