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Celebrate: International No Diet Day

Hello Interested folks,

Apparently, May 6th is International No Diet Day. It is a day to celebrate when size does not matter (a.k.a. sizeism). It is recognized by the National Organization for Women and International Size Acceptance Association, which I admit that I’ve never heard of until now.


Within the Mission Statement of the International Size Acceptance Assoc., it states “ISAA’s primary purpose is to end the most common form of size discrimination and bigotry–that against fat children and adults; ISAA will strive to defend the human rights of members affected by other forms of size discrimination as well.”

It may be just me but the word “fat” is a negative word when describing a person, is it not? Having it in the missions statement seems rather backwards, doesn’t it?  The only reason size would be an issue is when it affects one’s health (e.g. blood pressure–which stresses out your entire circulatory system).

I also found the following supportive article from Psychology Today:

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    1. Thanks! Actually, it is cardstock and felt. I have been reading you blog. I miss comic and scifi/fantasy conventions. I just don’t have the money for it yet. Dragon Con is fun and where you can meet cool authors. Last Con I went to was Katsu Con in Washington DC (or that area) in like 2005, I think. 🙂 Thanks for all the pics. It’s really enjoyable!


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