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Self-Portrait: Tension

Good morning Readers,

Every had one of those days that kind of end up crashing and burning. That’s what I felt like yesterday afternoon. Parenting is so difficult sometimes.

With Love,




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8 thoughts on “Self-Portrait: Tension

  1. You’re welcome!

    I know what you mean. My oldest was painfully shy – one time at a football game, one of the girls from his daycare (where he spent at least 40 hours a week, and maybe closer to 50) came up to give him a hug and he burst into tears. My younger two sons aren’t nearly as shy as their big brother, and I think having siblings helps; my oldest wasn’t really around other kids for the first two years of his life because I stayed home with him. My ex-husband and I are both a bit introverted, and our son definitely takes after us in that regard.


      1. You have more patience ad experience than me. How do you deal with a four year old who won’t stop sleeping in my bed at night? Have you had that problem? Or behavior problems, especially at school?


      2. I don’t know about having more patience – I lose it more often than I’d like.

        I haven’t had school behavior trouble, but I have had the co-sleeping issue. It started when I kept falling asleep nursing my oldest son and ended when I divorced his father and moved into my own place. I set the rule from the beginning that he had to sleep in his own room, and then I stuck by it.

        At first, I’d go through his usual bedtime routine, then lie down on the floor next to his bed till he fell asleep. That progressed to my telling him I had something I had to do before I could sleep on his floor but that I would be right back. Once I was out of the room, I stayed out. Eventually, I no longer had to do even that. It took a while, and it was rather like weaning him all over again, but it was worth it.

        When I had my second two sons, we bottle-fed them, and I for some reason had an easier time staying awake ¥maybe it had something to do with my husband helping out with feedings…), so co-sleeping never became an issue. We just didn’t do it.

        Good luck with your son! Four-year-olds are stubborn. I dread the thought of my youngest hitting four, but perhaps it will be better than two has been? He turns three in a few months and I have a feeling he’s going to be the most troublesome three-year-old.


      3. I appreciate your honesty and trust. I will have to try that. I actually lie in his bed but I might see about lying on his floor instead for a few weeks. It’s just sometimes it seems he is not emotionally ready and I’m not sure why or how to help him develop that security.

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