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Week in Review

Dearest Readers,

My husband has been away at the Intel ISEF and will be back tomorrow! I am at home with our little one. Things have been difficult, mainly due to so much going on at work, and little one not behaving very well at daycare–it’s expected since daddy has been gone all week but trying to improve it still.

He left on Mother’s Day but we celebrated the day before. Spent the evening with my dear friend watching Once Upon A Time’s season finale. We screaming gleefully at the ending! So excited for the next season.

This week, I’ve been reading and learning more about my Faith and been working on posts. We finally had a study circle and it was pleasant. It was nice. I learned much and the friendship was needed.

The last few days have been difficult since my Mom’s birthday is tomorrow. This will be the second birthday since she has passed away.

I realize and understand, now in the third year since she died, that I will always grieve. I will always be the daughter who misses her mommy. I will always be homesick for her and her voice. I am grateful that I can remember her voice and have voicemail messages still before she got sick and when she was sick.

My Mother is the strongest, wisest woman I know (except maybe my Mother-in-law, who I have gotten to know so much better in the last few years). She taught me so much about people, humanity, faith, love, work especially customer service skills, God, and the heart.

I never had a broken heart until she died. It’s her memory that I am dealing with. The future that could have been and never will come to pass causes me to grieve. I wanted my child(ren) to know her, her tails, her laughter, her travels, and her life.

She was four foot, eight inches tall. She had a strong, radiant personality and could always put a smile on your face. Her smile was contagious. She was such a great storyteller. I pale in comparison to her. I wish we had recorded her. You just wanted to believe everything she said. My sister seems to have inherited her ability. It’s so beautiful. My Mother wrote just as well. She had a column in Ole Miss’ student newspaper from 1993 – 94. She was hilarious, even edited. She was honest and truthful, never afraid to shine.

I hope to be like her, all her best and my favorite parts. I hope to write just as well.

This all has been brought up more so right now since I’m watching “P.S. I Love You.” At some point, I stopped crying at movies like these so I can watch them, but they still make me think.

Goodnight, darling Readers.

Dream deeply,



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