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Patience: Learning to takes a step back before emotional onslaught occurs


Lovely Readers,

I do not know if this is easy to tell but I love my life, my husband, and our son. I love where we are at and how I work for a great person, and able to go to school–practically for free. I feel my husband is greatly assisting me to develop my full potential.

I do not, however, enjoy when our child decides to begin pushing boundaries again. This usually happens when a growth spurt increases his mental faculties–which is great, half the time. How do I know? He either does the exact opposite of what is asked of him or just not at all. It drives me crazy, at times. I know preschoolers need imagination play and to run around, which is why I am thankful his daycare lets him play, like, four times a day for at least 30 minutes each time.–maybe more.

I work full-time and go to college part-time. When I get home, I really want to relax for a but before anything else, most days. I aim to always put family first but sometimes I need me time; ok, more often.

Is that wrong?!

I feel I do that with this blog through sometimes working on the blog is also stressful but I am working to change that.

I know I need to become more patience (the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like) with many aspects of my life, especially my wonderful son.  I need to play with him more often during the week (as does Daddy).

Maybe that is  a common thought process with working parents, especially working mothers. For me, to alleviate some of my own guilt, I used to get a magazine called “Working Mother.” It is nice to know I am not alone in that aspect.

Patience, I think is more accurately defined as a quiet hope and trust; expecting things to turn out all right. Patience is being calm, tolerant, and accepting when difficulties occur and/or mistakes are made. Patience is a commitment to the future (The Virtues Project).

With that in mind, I realize that patience is a virtue to be focused on. I need to find a reminder for when I get frustrated, disappointed, or upset with my husband and son. I need that reminder that my preschooler is doing his best and still learning.

That is all anyone can asked of: your best.

As a parent, I quickly learned that patience is not something you are automatically granted upon the birth of any child but you are given numerous opportunities to develop patience. I recently realized that like any job, you are put into new, different circumstances and experiences–there can be a great deal to learn. It just bothers me that it will take me at least another give to six years to reach the level of patience and understanding that I have at work for me to development anywhere near the level of patience at home.

At home, my husband and I have been together (as a couple) for a decade (as of December 2014) and we are at a good place, especially when communicating under extreme emotions–I think. As for our son, he is the first and for right now, only child, which means there is still much to learn as parents too. I wish I knew how to talk to my son so he will understand me as intended.

In this case, I think John Quincy Adams said it best, “Patience and perseverance have  a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

I would love to hear from you on darling Readers. I request recommendations on how I can develop patience when it comes to my little one. Please leave a comment on this post or use the Contact Me page. Thank you so much for your continued reading and hopefully you’re enjoying this blog.

Humbly yours,




I am a job seeker. I am looking for a position in a fast pace office setting that is seeking a loyal, dedicated, quick learner who wants to help and improve those around them.

2 thoughts on “Patience: Learning to takes a step back before emotional onslaught occurs

  1. I read once that when we pray for patience, we receive opportunities to be patient. It seemed to hold true, too, and for a while, I stopped praying for patience. Then I had more kids, and the prayer resumed. 🙂

    Things will get better. Just give it time.


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