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Writing 101, Day One: stream of consciousness

Write. Write. I have no idea what to wrote. Stream of consciousness is random babblings. Water. Stream, babbling brook, hmm.

I forgot this weekend how much I love floating in the pool. I wanted to become a mermaid as a child but that is not physically possible. This weekend, though, I enjoyed just laying there on my back in the pool looking up at the warehouse-like ceiling. That cool water passing over my skin with just my face above the water. If I could figure out how to sleep in the pool without drowning and still feel that comfortable, I would!

No, waterbeds are not the same thing. They’re more like an encased slip’n’slide.

I want a slip’n’slide. They’re awesome slides that keep you cool. Sprinklers work the same way but you don’t get to slide down them; only run through them and get tickled.

My son, I know, will want to go swimming today. I don’t. Hubby probably doesn’t want to go either. We will see about doing the reading program instead and hope he will take that over the pool.

I want to go to the pool but to float or swim myself; not just watch my son and keep him safe as tries to work on learning to swim.

I know it is selfish to say that but it is true at the moment. I’m almost home and have to go.

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