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Friday was rough

Dearest Readers,

I am sorry that I have not posted anything since Friday relating to life or Writing 101. Friday was a rough day for me health-wise. I awoke to feel as if an elephant was sitting upon my chest. It was so difficult to breath. It happened overnight too. I did awake to find it raining in the night and figured my sinuses, thanks to my new superpower, would be irritable in the morning.  Obviously, my sinuses were pissed the $%&# off.

I went to Health Center–something I am very grateful that the University I work allows me to go there instead of a doctor’s office–after texting my boss that I would be in late. Luckily, I was the first one in that morning and got to see the Nurse Practitioner quickly. She diagnosed with a double ear infection and upper respiratory infection (not her exact words but what else would you call it when you have fluid in both ears with the left ear worse than the write). She put me on four different medications: flonase (I actually requested this), an inhaler, Omnicef (Azithromycin (Z-pacs) don’t reach the ears, apparently., and I can’t do sulfonamides (e.g. Bactrim)), and Ed A-Hist, nighttime only (that stuff knocks you out quickly). I felt ok after leaving the Health Center, dropped off my prescriptions (Rx), and headed back to work intending to work from home. I also texted my boss letting them know all the happenings and why I was planning to telecommute (Work from home). My boss, who was about to go on vacation for the next week, I did not want to get sick. 

I admit that when seeing the Nurse Practitioner on Friday that I did  request an inhaler be prescribed and she agreed, especially once I informed her that I do have allergy-induced asthma from dust and hay–thanks to the wonderful hormonal and chemical changes in the body when pregnant. I have been using my husband’s inhaler once in a while, when it flared up, who actually has asthma.

Once I got all my work stuff together, I headed back to pick up my Rx from the pharmacy, even with insurance and the recommendation to take Mucinex during the day, everything cost like $100.

I drove home. Got all my meds together; set myself up in the overstuffed chair out front; gathered my class work materials, then spent the next 5 minutes reading my textbook and felt drained! Five Minutes! I put everything down, wrapped myself in a blanket, and watched TV.

My husband got home shortly after that and we watched the FIFA World Cup matches that were on. I eventually decided to take a nap which was much needed–did not realize how badly until I woke up.

That evening, however, was easier for me but focusing and paying attention was not. Luckily, the swim class is not held on Friday; so I did not have to go hang around people and potentially getting them sick. I hate being blamed for getting people sick, don’t you? I just feel terribly guilty and over empathize with the people that I got sick the entire time. I strongly dislike that.

Anyway, I spent the weekend recovering. I took a nap on Saturday. Once I woke up, I had a good amount of energy and little man did good at school that week so we saw a movie at the movie theatre. When we got home afterwards, I worked on some laundry too. I felt drained after that though and had to rest. Same thing on Sunday though I had more bouts of not feeling good and had to lay down until meds kicked in. Mucinex really does wear off at 4 hours.  I did hardly anything with my son besides watch our favorite tv shows together. We need to work on the online reading program I joined for him to do this summer.

I still am recovering. I’ve never had those two illness at once before. I’m certain I got sick due to a combination of the weather raining so much and swimming a whole lot. It’s been literally years–over a decade, if I recall correctly, since I have any kind of ear infection.

I do feel much better today than yesterday, at least. Didn’t even need to use my inhaler yesterday and hoping to go on a second day. Keep you fingers crossed for me.

I gotta go back to work–been at lunch typing this up. I look forward hearing from you all.  Please feel free to leave a comment on this post or use the Contact Me page. Have a great day and stay well.

With Warm Regards,





I am a job seeker. I am looking for a position in a fast pace office setting that is seeking a loyal, dedicated, quick learner who wants to help and improve those around them.

6 thoughts on “Friday was rough

  1. There’s an extra-strength variety of Mucinex-D that lasts like, 12 hours. I love it (my sinuses hate me, too). The only thing I don’t love is the price; I used to get something similar as a prescription and it was much cheaper, thanks to my insurance. I can’t wait for the day when they have a generic version available!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!


    1. My sinuses are funky. I was born with a cleft lip and submucus cleft palate and have had like 20 or so craniofacial surgeries. The last one I had they literally scrapped out and cleared out all the scar tissue I had. Ever since that last surgery, my sinuses have been super sensitive. I used to be good using Mucinex-D but it gives me a migraine now otherwise I would. It’s just I don’t like to miss work and would rather have to take something frequently if it means that I won’t have a sinus headache or migraine. I usually have to go home when I get them–obviously, I don’t get them often. And thanks, Kay!


      1. Well, that really sucks. My doctor recommended taking something like Claritin or Allegra every day to ease sinus inflammation. Can you do something like that?


      2. I do actually take Claritin almost every day and Flonase now. Flonase makes a huge difference. Thanks for the recommendations though. I appreciate you wanting to help me feel better. 🙂


      3. You’re most welcome! I’ve tried Flonase, but I’m not a big fan of nasal sprays because they always run down the back of my throat and then I can taste them (yecchh). I’m glad they help you, though!


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