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Seth MacFarlane pledges $1M to help ‘Reading Rainbow’

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I LOVE Reading Rainbow (and I’ll be 28 years old in less than a month). I grew up on it and miss it so much. I still feel that I wish my child could watch it, especially when children’s parents do not read to them very often. That’s part of the show is they read to you. Oh, how I miss reading rainbow! Yay! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news! I really hope they do succeed and feel terrible that I cannot afford to assist. I can at least help spread the word.

Thanks again!

Conscious Nashville

Children’s television series is attempting to reach $6 million in donations before July 2.

Former longtime host LeVar Burton is leading the charge to raise money. (Photo: Reading Rainbow)

The “Reading Rainbow” comeback fundraiser just received a huge boost of support from Seth MacFarlane. The “Family Guy” creator is pledging to match every dollar given to the campaign above the $4 million mark.
“If we can reach our $5 million stretch goal in the next five days, we’ll meet our goals of bringing Reading Rainbow to more platforms and 7,500 classrooms,” writes host LeVar Burton. “AND that means that Seth will provide a full $1,000,000 in matching funds, taking us a total of $6,000,000, and letting us reach 5,000 MORE CLASSROOMS!
“That means that if we raise the remaining million, we won’t just get 7,500 classrooms … we’ll get more than 12,500 CLASSROOMS!,” he adds.

Reading Rainbow pledge goal

The new $6 million goal…

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