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Four year-old self-soothed, alone in their bed in the dark


I don’t know how to tell how promising tonight was for us. It was the first time my wonderful four year-old son got in trouble while in our bed watching tv by not being quiet or somewhat still. He got sent to his bed in his room. He turned on his cars projector nightlight. When he felt still afraid, he asked what else he could do. We recommended:
1. Say the Greatest Name, repeatedly (a kind of Baha’i Prayer)
2. Hug/cuddle stuffed animals
3. Sing a song to himself ( instead he turned on his LeapPad puppy, Scout, a stuffed animal that had nighttime music programmed in).

5 minutes with little complaining or whining! We just praised him greatly and said how courageous he was.

I hope and pray this is a newest being turned over that he will eventually be able to fall asleep in his bed alone. I know, I know but he’s four. I know it takes time but it’s a promising start.

Goodnight and sleep well,

P.S. Light is off and phone camera could not do better. He did still fall asleep in our bed though; much faster than previous.



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