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Writing a book

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I want to do this, Readers. I want to write a book. I think I first want to write a children’s book for my son. It’s something I have been wanting to do, on and off, since I became pregnant with him. Now, for whatever reason, I actually want to pursue this.

So, I am researching and learning how a novel is structured, even picture books. How to develop a character to where I can use my reference notes as I write. I can have it all in my head and I know I will forget it or change it, but will not remember why I want them a certain way.

For my birthday, my In-Laws sent me an Amazon gift card. I bought several books that I thought might help me attain this goal–many were from my Sister’s own list of books. She works in a library and I assume she might have a good idea of what to read to better understand the fiction writing process.

What did I order?

The Hero with a Thousand Faces (The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell) This is the man who came up with the Hero’s Journey concept. Watch Star Wars IV, V, and VI. That’s basically what the Hero’s Journey is and how it functions. It’s a brilliant concept for writing and other creative formats.

The Plot Whisperer Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Create Compelling Stories This appears to be very visually-oriented, which is a plus for me and means that I should actually understand these concepts better, hopefully.

Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success This also goes into great details and explains the whys and why nots, do’s and don’ts, which means I should understand it. 

Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View I found this useful in that it actually explained the each form of point of view (POV) and it is great detail.

 Just to make a minor disclaimer: I am not endorsing these books. I bought them after careful review and thought they might be helpful to me. I just wanted to share with you my process. I appreciate any help and/or recommendations that you have, even critiquing once I get things started. 

I have also put some other books on hold at my library. I do not have that list with me right now. They also seem to be useful to writing–possibly redundant but better to make sure to get as much information as possible. When I want to learn something, I read A LOT and do not mind duplicated information. Sometimes a different point of view allows for more information to be given and/or understood.

I now must go complete some homework. Please feel free to comment on this post or use the Contact Me page. I look forward to your comments. Have a wonderful night, and in case I am not able to post anymore this week, have a great week too.





I am a job seeker. I am looking for a position in a fast pace office setting that is seeking a loyal, dedicated, quick learner who wants to help and improve those around them.

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