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Hyperosmia: a heightened sense of smell.

Depending on your point of view, Darling Readers, hyperosmia can either be considered a superpower or a curse.  It occurs naturally in women when we become pregnant, as I understand, due to the increased blood and increased blood flow in our bodies. When I was pregnant with my son, I felt like I was a bloodhound at times. I could smell cigarette smoke and food remnants from at least three days prior–it was aggravating at times since I would get headaches very easily from strong smells. I could not walk by or within a block, usually, of perfume shops or areas.

Hyperosmia is also caused from taking amphetamines.

Yes, having attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD; #ADD; #ADHD) where amphetamines is a regularly prescribed medication, such as #Adderall, can cause you to have a hyperactive (heightened) sense of smell; however, it is not an immediate side effect. I didn’t even know that it could be a side effect until I looked it up because my #hyperosmia began in February this year along with my other sinus-health issues. I have been taking Adderall steadily since Spring 2012. It took two years before I even developed the side effect.

Despite the downfall to a heightened sense of smell–mainly walking to my office building into the elevator to find all the perfume and cologne that people have sprayed that morning or while inside the elevator, hyperosmia has come in handy, especially when it comes to my four year-old son. It makes it easier to find dirty clothes (or nighttime undies) in my son’s room, or when he leaves food around that he claims he threw out. Finding banana peels under my bed is not pleasant, but neither is week old underwear.

I am going to talk with my doctor in September to see if there is a link. I will be happy to update you all then. I just thought you might want to learn a new vocabulary word that effect ADD-ers.

Please feel free to use the comment section on the post for what you think or any questions you my have. I will do my best and quickest to respond. Have a lovely evening!






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