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Top 5 Signs of ADHD in Adults – Hidden Ailment

This is a very good article for information about ADHD; however, I do not agree that it is a disease. As I understand it, it is congenital. We are born this way normally, unless someone developed it after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). While it is true in that the Top 5 signs of ADHD are listed on the post, that does not mean that those symptoms will always be everyone’s symptoms. Personally, I did not have any awkward social behavior. I was and still am a social butterfly, as my Mom and Sister would call me. I have always been outgoing and enjoy being around people. I also enjoy being by myself. It’s surprisingly the one part of all personality and interest tests that has not changed since high school–I am nearly equal, whether I work alone or work with people, either works for me.

A resource that has helped me i researching articles on ADHD on time management, productivity, at work, and so forth. is one of my favorite websites to read articles on.

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Attention deficit hyperactive disorder as a disease bites away at the emotional and social core of an individual suffering from this dreaded ailment. It is not one of those diseases that will announce its arrival in the form of prominent symptoms. Rather, it harms the cognitive and sociological abilities of a person very subtly, so that by the time there is even a semblance of its presence, the sufferer is well entrapped by ADHD’s claws. It has been difficult to get the medical fraternity recognize ADHD as a disease and frankly, the fight is not yet over. The top 5 signs of ADHD in adults are similar to, or same as the characteristic traits found in so-called “bums” or lazy and unproductive members of the society.

Top 5 Signs of ADHD in Adults

The fact, however, that differentiates the patients from them is that they, sadly, do not choose their lifestyle. The top 5 signs are

  • Hyperactivity

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