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Writing is not easy and I did not expect it to be.

Writing is not easy. Correction, writing intentionally is not easy. Writing is easy when you’re just winging it by the seat of your arse but not when you intend to discuss a specific topic. I have always written by the seat of my arse. I was in eighth grade English class while we were reading The Outsiders. I forget the actual assignment but I had five minutes before I was about to be called on to read my assignment aloud then turn in the work. I wrote nearly a full one-page poem about the scene where, if I recall correctly,  Ponyboy and Cherry are watching the sunset (or was it sunrise). I have been a procrastinator much of my life–always worked better under high levels of stress. I did not know why until my Mother was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder with impulsivity. When my siblings and I research more that is when we discovered that we were all ADD and explained much of our behaviors throughout our lives, including procrastination and doing everything at the last minute under duress. The adrenaline made a big difference on our ability to focus. 

Now, I am trying to tell a story that I want to enjoy and read. I am trying to tell a story that has been in my head for years, and it is difficult! I admit that I could probably change my major to creative writing and probably succeed faster but I really enjoy business administration. It surprisingly helps improve my understanding and abilities in my job.

I am really enjoying the writing process. I did not think I would this much. I have bought several books and learning to not hide behind my writing. I have actually given the current work-in-progress to several friends and family for an honest opinion/review of what I have so far. I am so glad I did that. 

I love my Auntie G. She is amazing and honest. I am so glad that she is like that with me–telling me what I need to do. 

Have you tried writing and gotten stuck? Writer’s block? Too many details and not enough character- or plot-driven story? I would love to know your solutions. Please post them here or use the Contact Me page. Thanks for reading! I look forward hearing from you.

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I am a job seeker. I am looking for a position in a fast pace office setting that is seeking a loyal, dedicated, quick learner who wants to help and improve those around them.

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