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Good Afternoon Darlings,

I know it has been a bit since I posted and I apologize about that. Life has gotten in the way but I am trying to do better. You all are always welcome to post comments or use the Contact Me page (or even check me our through Social Media, if you want to bug me).

I am trying something new this month (October, I mean). I have started working out again, as of today.

My goal is lose 5 lbs by Halloween, which means 1 lb a week loss. 

What is amazing is I think I found a work out that doesn’t make feel exhausted or just sore immediately afterwards. Yay!

I got the iPhone 5s and started using Feedly. I discovered Zen to Fitness. It’s a rather useful website with what appears to be accurate information when it comes to health, wellness, and fitness. After much reading and searching, I came across the following articles which developed into my work out routine:

I eat lunch at least an hour before working out.

  1. 5-min Warm up followed by a 1-min hydration and break
    1. Go down near the bottom of the article that states ”
      Life Extension Examiners Recommended Home or Office Program of Exercise”
  2. 5-mins Pull-ups/Chin-ups followed by a 1-minute hydration and break
  3. 10-min Core followed by a 1-minute hydration and break
    • Yes, this can be done in 10 minutes and I used my phone’s stop watch feature
    • I just use the picture that is included for reference. I admit that I cannot do the advanced options and didn’t try the
  4. Alternate: 10-min Functional Training followed by a 1-minute hydration and break
    • I have not tried this yet but it is a strength and endurance training regimen which is supposed to aid in normal daily life activities. I also plan to use the picture for reference that is included in the article.
  5. 5-min Cool down followed by a 1-minute hydration and break
    • I forgot how much I ❤ yoga. Read the performance part which tells you how to do it correctly. It made a big difference. I also only held each post for about 10 – 30 seconds depending on my legs

I did have a friend remind me about eating: wait 1 hour THEN eat after working out.

I also use the app “Stand Up!” which I have set to remind me to get up every 40 minutes (you can change the time to how often you want, on which day(s) of the week, and during what times (i.e. between 9am and 7pm) during the business week since I sit at a desk. When you sit with your knees bent, after 45 minutes the blood flow in your legs decrease by 50% which is why it is recommended to prop them up or even stand.

Here are a few articles that actually began to get me thinking about health, wellness, and fitness:

Sitting all day is worse for you than you think

Jogging fights Beer Belly Fat than Weights

Good Health May Not Be the Key to Longevity

Latest Figures on Obesity Paint an Ugly Picture

People with Arthritis Shun Exercise Though it would help, not hurt

Even a little exercise can help your heart 

I hope I haven’t bored you too much. 😉 When something peaks my interest, I learn about it as much as can. Please feel free to post any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a lovely day.

Sincerely Yours,




I am a job seeker. I am looking for a position in a fast pace office setting that is seeking a loyal, dedicated, quick learner who wants to help and improve those around them.

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