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Resolution: Week 2

Good Afternoon,

Last week, I did work out on Monday and Wednesday (the functional training was too difficult so I am axing that until I have better balance). Thursday, I ended up rearranging our third bedroom/storage area while trying to find my husband’s gi. It was around an hour so I counted that as my work out for the week.

I worked out today. My neck hurts from the crunches–I try to keep my neck straight thinking that will help, right? If anyone has any recommendations, please share!

I even had enough time to take a shower afterwards–it was quick and just rinsed as well as a quick wash of my hair. I cooled down a lot faster than I normally do. It usually takes me an hour or two to stop sweating and another two to three hours to finally cool down completely.

Oddly enough, I feel, even after a week, a difference. I have some pants that fit better or don’t seems to squeeze as tight, even when sitting down. I must be doing something right. I have also added stretching before bed and numerous hip-flexor stretches–which if you have nice abs but can’t get rid of that pooch, then you probably need to do them too.

  • This is the original website I found out how to do this and it makes a big difference on your hips.
  • This stretch even eases lower back and sciatic pain for me personally.
  • Also, do watch the video. It’s easier to understand.
  • What is not shown on the video is to switch sides after you do it.

Another good video with explanation:

These are more useful exercises:

I have an exam in my Business Stats class tomorrow. I think I’ll do well. My World Lit class is reading more familiar works. This week we are reading “a thousand and one nights” which I did not realize that Sinbad and Aladdin had been added to this piece of fiction. Didn’t even know it was fiction.

Readers, thank you all so much for your continued interest. Please feel free to post a comment here or using the Contact Me page. I look forward hearing from you. Have a great evening.






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