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Emergency preparedness


Have you ever actually created an emergency preparedness plan? Whether it’s for your home, your office, neighborhood,or something. I have never done this. Actually, I think I did this one’s in middle school when we were learning about tornado safety, but that was 15 years ago.

I feel like from my personal experience the average person, at least in Mississippi, generally knows what to do in environmental emergency: hurricane, tornado, hail, and the like. I do admit they don’t know how to drive in rain, sleet, or snow. Yes, I have actually driven through a tornado and hurricane. It is not easy or fun, and concluded, I will never be a storm chaser no matter how fascinating meteorology is.

I work for an University and I really feel like the university’s getting their stuff together very well, at least since I’ve been there (just over 3 years now). So now we’re all doing emergency preparedness plans, at least in my division. As I have previously stated, I had never done this ever (except maybe 15 years ago).

I have been learning everything I can about FEMA, NIMS, and incident command system (ICS) or centers (ICC). Mainly, I am surfing the web, or rather Google, to learn what other universities and those in my office setting are doing. I have learned a lot. I didn’t realize until I started working on this that I didn’t know what my office actually does in relation to the Division and the University, but I do now. We are support.

Also, with my boss being the logistics section chief, I have learned a lot about how incident command centers (and those types of things) work, and what logistics really is it an emergency setting. The funny part is it’s basically what we already do: support. In an emergency setting, the logistics people are the ones who get everything to everyone, as needed. It’s actually broken down: you’ve got your logistics chief, then branch managers for each logistic section–medical supplies, transportation, and food. My understanding, is that it’s all broken down based on what the university (or company) needs so what one would do with a logistics chief in a large university; while, in a smaller university or community college doesn’t mean that’s what they’re going to do too. It’s based on the actual needs.

What is really strange after reviewing all of this, is that the more I think about how I was a child and what I wanted to do or rather where I wanted to work–office setting with very intelligent and strong academic people. I realize now I really just wanted to work at a university. I remember when I was little and I would go to my mom’s work, she worked at University much of my childhood. It’s strange that when you’re exposed to something you don’t realize it is what you want or need until you get there.

On a different subject, I have actually started journaling my every day stuff. When I say “every day stuff,” I mean what I do at work or what I do that day. Surprisingly, it has extremely lowered my stress level and the amount of frustration I experience at home (or work for that matter). It was actually on my brother’s recommendation for my stress level that I write. I mean I don’t think I want to know what I do every day at work, especially since it’s not the same thing, which I really like it helps my ADHD immensely, but I also work with confidentiality and FERPA-stuff, so that’s not really shareable.

It’s bedtime. Feel free to please post a comment or response on this post or using the contact me page. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I greatly appreciate it!




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