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Who we are versus who we used to be

Just a warning that the below post contains spoilers for the latest episode of Once Upon A Time.


I’m watching the latest episode of “Once Upon A Time” where Hook is warned by Mr. Gold that if he reattached his hand, which Mr. Gold chopped off (i.e. Me. Gold is Hook’s crocodile) upon finding his wife had run off with him, that this hand is of the man he used to be and would influence upon re attachment the changed man he is today.

It got me thinking. How often do people look back at their past, honestly, and see how much they have changed?

Hindsight is 20-20.

You do your best at the time and when you learn better, you do better.

And according to the potentially evil Mr. Gold, he lied and just gave him permission to be who he, Hook, really is.

Makes me wonder what can do to a person; don’t you?

Sweet dreams,



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