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Are there books about what happens after the hero or heroine saves the day? Or after someone is transformed and saves the world?

Are there books that tell of the aftermath of these changes and attempt(s) to return to a normal live? With or without family or friends? Is that even possible? It’s an idea that has been roaming my mind for a while now.

The closest I’ve found is Christine Feehan’s Dark series where many human soulmates are changed, usually willingly or if not, to save their lives, into soulful vampire-like beings and you follow them throughout the rest of the book series as support characters. Very well written plots and well developed characters. Yes, it’s a paranormal romance series, which equals sex scenes that are well written too, but easy to enjoy even without the sex, imo.

Series are the only things close enough that I’ve found that addresses the question. Are there any that you’ve read and recommend? I would love to know! Trying to do some research. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Aftermaths

  1. Oddly enough, the first thing that comes to mind is the Brandon Sanderson, Mistborn series. Not quite what you are looking for but the story takes place in the after math of the world having changed when the first hero failed. It’s an interesting take on things.

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