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Downfalls to writing (authorship)


As I progress on my writing and receive feedback from friends and family, I realize that trying to write a book is difficult. This may sound redundant because I do know that it is difficult, especially the first novel. I also know from the English and literature classes I’ve taken that authors write about what they know and/or experience. While intellectually I understand this, I did not realize the emotional impact this would cause.

As a writer trying to become an author, I’m writing what I know and understand and have experienced or seen. As a writer trying to become an author, I didn’t realize the emotional impact that writing would have on me. I don’t know if I can do this and not be affected. The story I am trying to tell without trying to directly tell it. Is that wrong?

I’ve always written. I come from a family of writers and creative people. I’ve always express myself in writing, art or a similar form. I just didn’t realize that writing to become an author would mean allowing myself a vulnerability I didn’t realize was need in order for me to write the way I want to write. It is not easy but I hope and pray that it’s worth it. I hope that my story when you read it that you keep reading it and want to know what happens to those people that I’m running about. I hope you love them and I hate them or somehow become invested in them that you need to keep going and I need to know why. I think that is what is a great book. A book you can’t put down because of how fascinating the world is; how fascinating people are in their relationships; and how much you’re rooting for the good guy and loathing the bad guy. This is what I want my stories and this is what I want you as the reader to feel. I just think it means that I’m gonna have to show more of myself than I planned.

Have you experienced this with writing? What were you writing? When did you realize this occurrence? Do you know what I mean by this vulnerability? I would love to hear from you. I look forward to the comments. Please comment. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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