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The Mommy Blogger


Being a “Mommy Blogger” myself, I can attest to the fact that it is NOT a bad thing! You can be a Mom and a Blogger but that does not mean your choice of topic and/or focus is limited. It just means that those two ASPECTS of yourself are true, even if people like to insinuate it is a bad thing–it’s NOT! I am a very proud Wife, Parent (Mommy), Baha’i, College Student, Employee, and more. Those are only ASPECTS of who I am. They are not definitions of me.

I also happen to live in the Deep South (Mississippi) and am of the “Millennial” generation but that does not mean I am racist and walk around in overalls, and/or totally self-centered. Those are stereotypes; just like the stereotype of “Mommy Bloggers.”

Yes, stereotypes are around for a reason–usually from a group of people who were just like particular description and word spread like wild fire. You do NOT have to LIVE the stereotype.

Don’t be a stereotype; don’t be a statistic, UNLESS that really is who you are.

There is nothing wrong with being a Mommy Blogger who blogs solely about parenthood and children’s education. I love those people! When I am trying to find stuff to do with my own four year old son, I scour the internet for those blogs and Pinterest boards for ideas. They are live savers. I also love the Dad who writes letters to his children–good and bad–that is SO relatable. It makes me feel not alone as a Parent. It can be difficult to find friends when you’re a parent.

Never be ashamed of who you are, even if that means you are a stereotype.



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Never Trust a Jellyfish

Mommy blogger

When did I become a Mommy Blogger? Am I a Mommy Blogger? Ok let’s see: Am I a mom? Yes. Am I a blogger? Yes. Do I sometimes blog about being a mom? Yes.

Oh my God, I’m a Mommy Blogger.

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