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Growing up….and never knowing how to do these until NOW!


I never knew how to do any of these tutorials! I love the name of the article “25 Tutorials to Teach You to Fold Things Like an Actual Adult.” That’s Buzzfeed for you but it’s useful and a total visual (photos) step-by-step instructions. The article shows you how to do the following things:

  1. How to fold a fitted sheet
  2. How to fold a grocery bag neatly (looks like a paper football)
  3. How to fold a Plastic Bag as a lunch bag
  4. How to perfectly fold a t-shirt
  5. Fold a bag of chips (securely and nothing falls out)
  6. How to fold a dress shirt (been needing this for years!)
  7. How to fold a bath towel (to store in a closet)
  8. How to fold a bath towel you plan to hang up (that one I figured out a while ago; works on hand towels too)
  9. How to fold baby clothes (I need this for my toddler’s clothes!)
  10. How to tuck non-skinny jeans into booths (not sure on this since it looks like it would annoy the crap out of my ankle)
  11. How to fit a king pillowcase on to a standard pillow (also figured this out a while ago; we switched from a queen to a king bed; yes, this works on queen pillows too)
  12. How to fold sports bras
  13. How to fold a napkin: a single pocket
  14. How to fold a napkin: (fancy) three pockets
  15. How to fold a napkin: A bow tie napkin
  16. How to fold men’s underwear (Been needing this for years! Yay! Gonna try this tonight!)
  17. How to fold a sweater (I wonder how well this works on those bulky sweaters; I’ll let you know when I try it.)
  18. How to fold a paper airplane (yes, it actually flies)
  19. How to fold a tank top (I could never get it to fold right when I was nursing)
  20. How to fold a burrito (just like they do at restaurants so NOTHING falls out; watched and learned this out when I started eating at Moe’s Southwest Grill)
  21. How to fold almost any gift (where was then at christmas?! Gonna bookmark it for next year)
  22. How to turn a note (or letter) into an envelope (this is for a standard letter size (or A4) piece of paper; needed this in high school)
  23. How to make a toga from a bed sheet (I’ve made sarongs but not togas)
  24. How to fold a newspaper (I didn’t know there was a proper way and this doesn’t look like it would work on the Sunday newspaper–super thick)
  25. How to properly fold the American flag (Always wondered; learned in Girl Scouts but forgot)

I really recommend at least skimming through it. Some things you think you may know and not realize that you didn’t, until you see it. Enjoy!


via 25 Tutorials To Teach You To Fold Things Like An Actual Adult.



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