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Curly Hair, the real reason it reacts as it does!


For those who have, used to have, or know those who have curly hair, ever wondered why it acts the way it does? Surprisingly, the Physics community wanted to know (a year ago) too!

Curly Hair, the physics behind it

I came across the above Time article last night about a group of graduate students that when on to study how and why things curl and their reactions as curly-ques. Inspite of there being many elements that aid in the determination of one’s hair, it seems to the structure of your hair makes the most difference–weight, thickness, and so forth. If you’ve got the genes for curly or even wavy hair, it is not always easy to get those lovely locks to cooperate. 

If you’re looking for solutions, check out: It is a great site that helps determine your type of curl, thickness, weight, and so forth, then gives you many articles and tips on how to get it to behave.

This site (and my sister) helped me figure out that my issue with my hair and scalp is they need way now moisture than they typically retain. Now, Naturally Curly has products but I looked for ingredients and that they did to hair and scalp. I went to my Wal-mart and found the Shea Mountain brand of Moisture retention shampoo and conditioner. 

Before using these products, I had rather wavy hair and quite frizzy.

Then after using the products for a few months and recently I added Shea Mountain’s hold and shine moisturizing spray, it has made quite the difference.

And for a true before everything comparison, here is a baby picture of my wonderful curls: 

I hope I have helped out some of those with wavy and/or curly hair issues. Just remember that when change dramatically from products like Pantene, Pert, and Suave that have all those other chemicals most people cannot pronounce, it can take a few weeks to months for your hair and scalp to get out of the transition period. I have only been on this since November or December of 2014. 

Please let me know if you have questions, concerns, or feel free to comment on the post itself. You’re also welcome to use the Contact me page to send it to me directly. I look forward hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “Curly Hair, the real reason it reacts as it does!

  1. I always wanted curly hair – mine is straight as sticks, to quote a book I read as a kid. I love the body of curly hair, but I’ve grown to love it straight, too.

    Also, I think hair is just generally uncooperative, no matter what kind you have, because my hair never does what I want it to when I want it to. 😉

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