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Dearest Readers,

I have to admit that as much as I love, love, love to read that I am freaking slow reader. I read every word and imagine whatever it is I am reading, even if it is educational. I also “converse” with educational-oriented books I read as in usually make comments or write down questions to follow-up with later as I read. 

I have been, when I have the time, reading this book called “Neurodiversity: Discovering the Extraordinary Gifts of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Brain Differences” by Thomas Armstrong, PhD. I admit that with the little time I have been devoting to it, I am only on page 27 and chapter 2. It is an interesting book so far. 

What I have been trying to do is learning what this Neurodiversity movement I keep reading about actually is. How it has been a/effecting the stigma of mental illness, and which mental illnessss the term Neurodiversity applies to, too. The first time read about Neurodiversity was on the CDC website and it countered with neurotypical and the neuro-atypical brains when learning about ADHD and finding more resources. 

It seems the idea is that people with difference brain structure, the physical differences compared to the “average” or Neuro-atypical brains. ADHD is a congenital (born with) disorder and is not a mental illness, which gives the idea that it can be cured with medications or something.

I have also, as mentioned above, been trying to see what, if any, the current stigma of mental illness is in the United States of America. Did you know that the USA has the highest occurrence of mental illness and disorders compared to other countries throughout the world? 

Well, I am still reading and researching, and probably will all my life. I will make sure to provide an update when I am a few chapters in. 

What is your experience with mental illness and disorders? Is it something no one talks about? Is it something everyone talks about? Do your religious beliefs effect your stand point in mental health, and if so, please share how and why. I would love to know!

Sincerely yours,



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