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SAHM (Stay-at-home Mom)

Wondrous Readers,

Going from working full time to a stay-at-home mom is weird. It’s one thing if like the first time I moved to Arizona and was pregnant with my son (and unable to get a job) that I become a first time Mom that I remain at home, but it is entirely different when I was working full time then stay-at-home with my now five year-old son. It took me a while, it seems, to get used to the idea. 

I admit that I miss working. I feel like I am not productive at home at all even though I do maintain cleanliness (still having trouble with laundry and unpacking;unpacking because I am not entirely sure where to put things now that things are rearranged differently the before), check the mail, do dishes (unload and load into dishwasher while still hand-washing a few pans due to their non-stick quality), do laundry (dirty into washer, wet into dryer, dryer to fold and/or hang then put away), and watch my son. 

I am doing terrible with my son at home; haven’t done much educational stuff besides the educational apps (i.e. Disney’s imagicademy) and TV shows that he enjoys (i.e. Bubble guppies, Team Umizoomi), and the shows he loves like Fairly Oddparents (which I do too).

What is so weird is that he has been really good for the last few days. I mean really well! Or my anxiety level is finally going down, which is possible too. 

I am so excited that a new friend is coming over today with her two kids, a son who just turned 5, and a daughter who, I believe, is 7. We are also gonna celebrate her birthday today too!

This makes me miss my best friend, my old boss, and siblings a lot! I need more adult friends; the comic book store helps a lot too (they game there too). 

I promised my son we would race to the boulder: 

Let me hear from you! I love talking to you all. Please feel free to comment on the post or use the Contact Me page. Have a great day!





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