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Making my 5 year-old Break out of His Comfort Zone(s)


My son, who agreed nearly a month ago, will be learning to play soccer! Of course, a month later, he tells me, “I don’t want to.” I admit I guilted him a bit reminding I paid for it, which he did agree to at the time, and they don’t do refunds this late. So, I told him that he had to wear shorts and shoes, along with bringing his own soccer ball. 

This interest began like a year ago (or two), we went to a high school soccer game where my husband used to teach and our son loved it! He wanted to join in so badly. The boys played with him as they waited and warmed up. He was able to keep up with the players and this oversized soccer ball as they taught him some of the basics. Since he was so excited about it, we got him his own soccer ball in the right size, but like all things with preschoolers, he lost interest. I say that, however, we do watch professional soccer on TV, which he loves to watch too. 

It seems he hasn’t lost total interest as far as I can tell. We shall see this morning.

Gotta go! Have a great weekend!




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