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Movie Review: Home


I just got done seeing a delightful movie with my husband and five year-old. I wanted to tell you about it and not give away spoilers. 

Home is a very cute, very family-friendly movie about a race of aliens that have no idea what it means to be other than to exist and run away. It takes them running away to Earth where this one particular alien called “Oh” befriends a human girl trying to find her Mom in the aftermath of the aliens arriving.

It had a very good soundtrack of positive and easy listening music with melodies and beats–very easy words and emotional meaning in the lyrics–of R&B with hip hop and pop influences. I plan to find out how to buy the album myself.

I definitely recommend this movie for families with toddlers and preschoolers; and anyone wanting a cute and cuddly film with by relatable characters and their relationships. It is also a film, I think, teaches and shows the meaning of courage, bravery, true friendship, consequences of lying, making amends, and how to make and repair misunderstands and/or miscommunications. 

I hope you go see it. I really enjoyed Jim Parsons as Oh. 





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