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Watching “Tangled” and see peculiar things


 I am rewatching “Tangled” leading me to notice odd and curious things:
Flynn/Eugene is telling the story but never reveal to who;
Why didn’t Grothel go back and cover up the flower? It looked like she saw it became uncovered;
How did Grothel get up and into the castle to kidnap Rapunzel?
How did Grothel learn the song to activate the flower’s power?
How did Rapunzel not get fat with the amount of sweets to bakes, seemingly, on a daily basis and the true little amount of exercise she gets?
Why didn’t Rapunzel just escape when her hair got long enough?
It seems that the power of the flower has made Rapunzel different: hair has similar properties to a whip; born with long-term memory; and is able to talk to animals;
Somehow she is comfortable around many, many people despite being only around her kidnapper/mother (and Pascal) all her life;
Where does Grothel go every day when she leaves?
How is Grothel paying for stuff? Does she have a job?
Why does Rapunzel only have three books?
How did Rapunzel learn about astronomy?
How did Rapunzel learn to paint?
Why would any Mother (Grothel) allow her to paint and draw on the walls?
How can Rapunzel sweep and wax the entire place in 15mins (and it all dry)?!
How did Rapunzel walk into that bar with all those mean ol’ men and inspire kindness and compassion so easily with her straight-forward, honest confession?
How come Rapunzel sings to Grothel every day but when she is about to drown, she doesn’t need to actually sing for her hair to activate?
Why didn’t they just hold her glowing hair and keep going–prevent death, maybe?
Why doesn’t Rapunzel get tired of the weight of her hair? Hasn’t she braided it before?

These are just some of the things I’ve noticed. It amazes me how oblivious children are but adults can be too. Maybe we choose to be that way..? 

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