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Tried something new!


I am not a cook by any means. The time I usually cook is lunch or when my husband is away meaning dinner too. I make “semi-homemade” dinners.

Tonight, I made lobster ravioli (store bought) and. White cream sauce–which I have never done.

End result:  


 I even added Parmesan cheese to make it more yummy:  

So far so good! I asked my brother for a recommendation who cooks better than me (as does my sister) and he sent me this:

It’s super simple and easy. It’s just a roux with milk–if you don’t pre-heat the milk, add a few tablespoons at a time to allow the milk to come to temp and not curdle.

This recipe is a bit of work since you have to continually stir the entire time but it is quick. 





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