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Update on medication

Dearest Readers,

Many months ago I wrote a post about Hyperosmia thinking I had this issue due to my adderall. After moving and getting a new family doctor, I discussed the issue with her and she stated it is a common complaint once your sinuses have fully cleared when using nasacort or Flonase  (like me where I switched since it is cheaper and doesn’t have a funny taste) and Claritin or Zyrtec–all of a sudden, you can actually smell since everything has cleared up allowing your nose to work at full capacity.

This made me uncomfortable because that would mean–other than during the various  reconstructive surgeries and their recovery times due to my congenital cleft lip and palate, I have not been able to smell very well at all most of my life.

 I wonder when we decide to have another child how much better my sense of smell will be–In my first and only pregnancy, I could smell food residue that was three days old and cigarette smoke from at least 100ft away. I had the nose of a blood hound and it was irritating for sure at times.

When that happens, I will let you know. Have a great day!





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3 thoughts on “Update on medication

  1. Interesting. I never thought much about my sense of smell until my husband accused me of overseasoning food when I cook (spaghetti sauce, roast, etc.). I don’t think it’s overseasoned at all – I think it tastes just right, and his spaghetti sauce is terribly bland.

    That got me thinking, because my sense of smell improved quite a bit when I moved away from home at 17. My dad had been a heavy smoker my whole life, but I could never smell the smoke till I’d been living away from him for a bit. I still have trouble smelling things sometimes, but nothing like what you described.

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    1. Smoking is known to deaden your sense of smell–remember that you also have tastebuds in your nose and mouth. It could also be your husband is not used to such strong flavors while you are. My husband finds mild salsa hot and I barely feel any heat at all.


      1. Yep. Although I think the problem is on my end, not his – he likes things spicier than I do, for the most part (tacos and chili, for example). It’s just one of those things I never thought about till recently.

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