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tenleaguesbeneath: I whipped up this history of D&D…


I whipped up this history of D&D classes, for those who are interested. Every class that has ever been core is shown in the first edition it appeared in, sourced if I could find one easily & it isn’t core, along with every edition it has been core in. Classes like the 4E Barbarian, though, weren’t included, as it neither originated the Barbarian class nor was it core. Generally there has been some official support for every class that was ever core, with the exception of the Warlord and Priests of Specific Mythoi, in all subsequent editions (and support for that may be forthcoming). Name changes are tracked.

Most of this is sourced to wikipedia and checked by my memory, so it could be inaccurate.


*Paladin and Ranger in OD&D were listed as subclasses of the fighter. For this reason they are shown descending from it

**Dwarves, Halflings, and Elves were treated separately from classes in other editions. Their classes in BX/BECMI are modeled on the fighter, to my understanding, with the Elf being the model for the AD&D multiclass Fighter/Mage

***Priests of Specific Mythoi were not presented as a single class, but rather as a set of recommendations and advice for DMs to construct classes.

4. The AD&D 1E Bard was analogous to a 3e Prestige Class; a dual-class fighter/thief (i.e. a thief who used to be a fighter) could, having attained sufficient levels in both class subsequently dual-class into Bard instead of Druid. Showing this descent on the chart (from Druid, but also from Fighter and Thief) would clutter that area heavily.

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