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I have been enjoying doing hand drawn lettering of favorite quotes of mine. I also realized that I need to understand how to do them. I’m on Pinterest search for tutorials and examples and come across work by Sean McCabe. I go through it and enjoy read it. I decide to join his email list. Once I confirm my subscription, I get a very interesting initial email from his website:

Hit “reply” on this message

Here’s your chance to mold what this book is in a way that will best benefit you personally. By responding, I guarantee that whatever relevant question you send me will be accounted for in the book. I won’t let a single question you pose on the topic of pursuing your passion full time go unaddressed.

Here are the 2 things I want to know:

  1. What is the hardest thing that is keeping you from pursuing your passion?
  2. What one question would you like me to address in depth in the book?

I want to keep the newsletter educational and focused on your benefit. Hope to hear from you!

This individual actually wants me to reply and respond to these two questions above. I admit that I am a little excited but then realize that I am not entirely certain what I am passion about. There are things that I enjoy, such as I enjoy helping people and know that I helped make a difference in their life; organizing and creating  easy-to-use (user-friendly) organizational systems; writing; and hand drawn lettering. Am I passionate about them? I have no idea.

I then begin to wonder what I am actually passionate about. I go to Mr. McCabe’s website and see what he has written about finding one’s passion. He has a very good quote that I plan to have fun lettering:

You don’t know what you love to do until you do it.

You have to do it for an extended period of time. It’s the idea of doing something vs. the act of doing it.

I had never thought of it this way but it is true. I think back to jobs and activities I have tried or experienced. What do I actually enjoy doing, physically doing?

I love working on computers, learning computer languages and using them. I love working on Microsoft Excel and having that ability to make complicated data into a visual and much more easily understand format for the average, untrained professional to review, which is why I will eventually get my Bachelor’s in Accounting and want to become a CPA or an Actuary. The downfall is I have never done either of these things. Well, I’ve done things closer to being a CPA, such as budgetary tracking, reconciliation, transactions, asset analysis, and so forth but not actual actuarial work. I’ve learned about Casualty and Property insurance, which is completely fascinating to me–almost as much as using MS Excel. I just haven’t done the act of Underwriting insurance or processing insurance claims. According to Mr. McCabe, I am passionate about the idea; but since I have not done the job, I would need to find out how to do the job and actually do it in order to see if I am truly passionate about becoming a CPA, an Actuary or an insurance underwriter/claims processor.

I know that I am not passionate about cleaning. My husband has tried to help me think about my daily chores as organizing. I realize that he is right but I am very limited on resources. I should be able to work with that but have not had much motivation to act upon that realization. I see now that I feel useless and I know I am not. I know that my family does not view me this way either.

Depression and anxiety sucks! ADHD does not help.

I do not understand why working makes me feel so much more fulfilled than my family does. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Then again, there is this wonderful quote that says it all–which is Mr. McCabe’s point:


That’s what I want to do. That is my goal for work but I realize that it should be my goal for life, right? Enjoy what I am doing, whatever that maybe. I think it is great when there are stay-at-home-parents, Mom or Dad, because their children gets so much more from them then the parent may even realize. I sucked at that and realized that I let my depression get the better of me for six or so months.

**Face Palm**

I think I am doing much better now but wish the “betterness” could have started much sooner.

Readers, what are your passions? What do you just love to do? How have you found your passions? What made you realize that it was a passion for you? How has that effected your life? I look forward reading your comments or feel free to contact me directly through the Contact Me page. Have a great day!



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