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Rant: Allergies + Asthma = Hades


I am from the Deep South (Mississippi, specifically) where “the green grass grows all around” and evergreens match their name all year long. It also means things bloom then everything is covered in pollen. Ugh! Allergies and sinus infections galore. I used to get at least 4 a year.

Now, in the Southwest (Arizona, specifically, you would think this would not be the same because of the heat. IT IS! I think it might be worse. When things bloom, they take forever to stop pollinating to the point of allergy overload. I keep forgetting and keep working to remember to take my nasacort AND an allergy pill. If I do forget and take it after exposure, like a vaccine, it only lessens the effect, not prevent. I wonder if and when I take it regularly, if it will actually aid in prevention.

It shouldn’t hurt to breathe. It should feel like an elephant is on my chest, specifically my bronchial tubes. Rescue inhaler is my best friend right now. grumble, grumble

Thank you for listening to my rant. 



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