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Cpap, Day 2

So far so good. I only awoke twice, which I think was from my mouth opening–I use a nose pillow/mask–but both times my heart was racing. This whole search for everything medical started because my heart rate went  increasingly wild whenever I changed positions. 

Waking up for the day, it was higher but not as dramatically as before when it would jump 30-40 bpm. I don’t know what my resting heart rate is but waking up to heart rate around 100 bpm is a major improvement. At least, I can see that the cpap machine is working. Just need to train myself to be a nose breather than a mouth breather.

Also, hoping the headaches I kept getting yesterday afternoon won’t be as bad today. Didn’t wake with any but as the day went on, I had headaches that wouldn’t go away!

I can see positive progress. Yay!

Have an awesome weekend,




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