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Sex in Literature


I realized that I don’t like reading grown up books, except certain “romance” novels. I think I’ve even taken a break from YA (young adult literature) but the question there is what defines that. According to the “Avid Reader,” there is a good amount defining YA. Her recent post advised how there is sex is YA. I admit I am kind of shock. Then again, with teenagers actually having pre-marital sex prior to even completing middle school or high school, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. 

I know sex in literature can depend on the genre in how it is written. In Charlaine Harrison’s Dead series (what True Blood is based on), the main character who seems to be writing the book doesn’t initially discuss see except the obvious initiation of it, which progresses to become more much informed and detailed as the series continues. 

In Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, it gets steamy early on but not so easily in the first few books. It is a progression through your the series since sex actually does apply to the main character, Anita, and what it turns out she actually is or becomes.

As for Christine Feehan’s Dark and Game series, it seems almost necessary to understand the characters relationship–the shy and awkwardness of new love and lovers–as a means to progress the story. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay that way. As the series progresses, there seems to be more gratuitous (often unnecessary scenes of) sex written it. It is well written and gives to the mind’s eye easily, as it should for any writer; but when it doesn’t progress the story, what’s the point?



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