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Floss is not effective to remove plaque or prevent gum disease 

The majority of available studies fail to demonstrate that flossing is generally effective in plaque removal

A video on ADA’s website proclaims that flossing “helps prevent gum disease.” When pressed, Matthew J. Messina, a dentist and spokesman for the U.S. dental association, acknowledged weak evidence, but he blamed research participants who didn’t floss correctly.

I’m not surprised people don’t know how to floss correctly. Who teaches you? Other people who don’t know how floss correctly. It’s like expecting children to clean and they don’t know how because no one has taught them how. Flossing is a skill–just like breastfeeding, rising a bike, reading, writing, and speaking a language.  You have to be taught and practice to improve them. 

The article states that “[m]any people also use floss incorrectly, Aldredge said, moving it in a sawing motion instead of up and down the sides of the teeth.”

There you have it. Floss up and down between your teeth and maybe the studies will be accurate.

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