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Things I have learned: Root Canal Retreatments


I have four root canals in total that I have had done in the past 5 years and never wish to repeat the procedures but I have. They’re called Endodontic Retreatments, A.K.A. Root canal Retreatments. I have only had two done thus far and here is what I have learned: 

  • Ice cold water and ice cream seem to work the best to help with pain (rinse and brush teeth after ice cream is always good);
  • Don’t eat crunchy food for a while because it causes your mouth to work more, which can lead to more inflammation leading to more pain than previously experienced;
  • If you grind your teeth, recovery will take longer (per doctors);
  • If you grind your teeth, you will more than likely awaken in the night in pain when your meds have worn off and wait for an hour or two for them to take full effect to go back to sleep;
  • It is ok to take the narcotic pain reliever, especially if the over-the-counter effective time seems to be decreasing (tolerance). If it uncomfortable and not pain, just wait it out; it can help create a pain tolerance in the long run, I think;
  • The antibiotic is easiest on your stomach and digestive tract when taken with a meal or decent size snack and a bunch of water;
  • Icing your face works ok for me but treat like any other reason to ice.

I also learned that while root canals are a permanent solution, they can need retreat because:

  • Didn’t heal properly;
  • Grinding teeth can cause a crack in crown or cement to occurr allowing infection to occur;
  • Infection didn’t fully heal or wasn’t knowingly all removed (we all make mistakes);
  • mouth breathing can make you more susceptible due to lack of saliva keeping things moist and pH-balanced.

Dentistry, unfortunately, seems to me to handle the what happens once you have a cavity or caries or infection instead of being preventative. I wish I knew more about remineralization and what your mouth needs to actually remain healthy and cavity free.

I do know cavities occur because of food, which is acidic naturally, causes the protective layers of teeth to break down, and without proper care, cavities develop. 

I don’t know much about gums other than floss is for removing food, tartar, plaque, and stimulates the gums to increase blood flow. The last part I was told by a hygienist years ago.

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