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Unfortunate Events


My depression has been getting the best of me these last few weeks. The holidays are not easy for me to enjoy. I love the festivities and Black Friday is always a great bonus. I used to just love the Christmas season because of the amazing comraderie, unity, tolerance, love everyone shares, such strong virtues in a small amount of time.

Since my Mom passed away during the holiday season, my holidays have a bit of grey that wasn’t there before. The last few years has been getting much easier to handle the grief and knowing she is in Abha Kingdom (Heaven) watching over loved ones. I still miss her. It is not as easy to talk to her or feel her. 

It will be 5 years today that she passed away in the middle of the night from cancer. For some reason, this year is much harder than it has been before; I’m not sure why. I am surrounded by love from family and friends. I am very thankful for them. 

I also know the holidays, sadly, has such a high suicide rate as well. It can be so difficult for some to even tolerate much this time of year. People do care though, even complete strangers do. You’re never alone. 

Just in case you or someone you know needs help, here are the #suicide and #MentalHealth hotlines: 


Let’s not forget our #Veterans:

Source: Veterans Crisis Line 




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