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Thought Candy: What is gender and gender identity?

We are all born either male or female, unless something genetic or otherwise happens in vitro. That has been my understanding since I can remember, but now, it seems gender identity, while once was a physical aspect is now more. Gender identity is now self-expression.

I have even been seeing it in my own child who I have no problem dressing up in either “girl” or “boy” clothes or playing with either gender-specific toys. It is normal behavior and how children learn to understand gender. It also has to do with how the parent teaches them about gender identity. I am trying to let my child pick theirs while educating them on what it can mean and how people can view differences.

It interesting how gender changes from generation to generation. Baby boomers viewed gender as girl or boy, man or woman, and nothing more. Men were men who didn’t cry or show emotion but were the main one to work and financial support family, then did nothing at home. Women were stay-at-home, cleaned and organized the house, took care of kids, and made dinner with no time to herself.

Now, in 2017, it can be either the man and/or woman to be primary financial supporter and/or homemaker with both having alone time, which is needed. We now have an open LGBTQ+ community and gay civil unions (marriage) which are legal. We now have monogamous couples not living together or getting married and that is okay. We have the internet which I think has allowed much of this change to occur due to the availability of information and spreading of concepts or ideas. 

With this, I have been slowly researching gender-fluidity and the other words that can be used to identify one’s gender.

What is your gender identity? Please feel free to make a comment and let me know. You got thoughts and I want to hear them!



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