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The Need to Weed


Besides my seasonal allergies going nuts with Spring’s awakening, I have been working to de-weed my front yard. I have worked on it for three days and it is slowly making headway. Even with Claritin, Nasacort, and Benadryl, I can’t do more than about an hour or two at a time–I am very out of shape too. 

So far, this is what has been done:  

I am from the Deep South and know little about rocks + gardening/landscaping but I am learning. I dug up a bunch of the clay and rocks to remove weeds and their roots. Today alone, I had about 2lbs of weeds and roots that I removed and probably a pound the prior day. 

I admit that determination has been winning over the need to breathe but that is because I want my front yard look nice and pleasant. I highly recommend to always let yourself breathe more than much of anything else.

If you have any gardening or landscaping tips, I would greatly appreciate hearing them. 

Sincerely yours,