About the Blog

Why the “Controlled Kaleidoscope?”

I chose the Controlled Kaleidoscope: Living the ADHD Life because I wanted a way to describe what I consider my Attention Deficiet Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) without actually saying “ADHD” in the title. I thought about “idiosyncratic,” “peculiar,” “different” or “weird” but none seemed to fit. I continued looking up synonyms and came across the word “kaleidoscope.” It seemed that instead of a completely ADHD-focused blog, this wonderful word, kaleidoscope, would allow me to reveal more me: my family and work life, my desires, my faith, my flaws, my values and ethics, my creativity, and more. I view the word, kaleidoscope, as something positive, colorful, always changing, and I love that concept.

I chose to add the word “controlled” because it was me showing that I am ever trying to remain in control of myself, even though life can be very unpredictable. It is your reaction or action that reveal who you are as a person.

Another way to view this is in order to view the wonderful, different colors and images available within an actual kaleidoscope, you have to not only have an instrument to contain all of those pieces but be able to control the container to show the brilliance within.

After two years, I have realized that ADHD is just one facet of who I am. Revealing my inner kaleidoscope allows me to show who I am as a human being.


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