About the Writer

About the Writer/Blogger

I originally wrote this long, wordy, literal description of who I thought I was in 2014. They’re just adjectives. I do not think this fits who I am now.

I am a human being who is trying so hard to become a better person for myself, for my husband and son, and because God says that is how I can become closer to him–by improving and acquiring spiritual qualities (virtues). How am I doing this? This wonderful blog helps me because when these amazing readers and fellow bloggers comment or even just like a post, I know I am not alone. I know that it is enjoyable and I am doing something right.

Every day I have to wake up and deal with my daily struggles, such as distracting myself long enough to be able to ignore my depression to get dressed and to eat breakfast; to not let the games and social media on my cellphone distract me that I forget to eat breakfast or take my medicines; and take care of my school-aged son–a wonderful challenge all on its own especially during the summer–and blessed husband. I am currently a job seeking homemaker living in Southwestern USA who has learned to take life day by day. There is nothing wrong with making plans but always allow for some flexibility and self time.

While I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a nurturer, and a caretaker, these are just the surface. I am so much more. I am a lover of:

  • Science–even though looking at a human corpse creeps me out and has caused nightmares, depending on the condition of the body, I am addicted to the Science Channel, Discovery Channel, Food Network, and Cooking Channel. I have been a lover of Mythbusters since they began. I have been a lover of Good Eats since I learned about it; who knew learning the science of food could be amazing and delicious?
  • Education–this is an element that was brought on by my parents. Education is such an important tool and has proven time and time again to be an amazing thing for all. I consider myself a life-long learner.
  • Libraries–I have awlays stated that I was raised around libraries but my family went several days a week, usually, to the library when I was a child. I was not a strong reader and rarely enjoyed reading unless someone read to me until adolescence when a friend’s sister introduced me to romance novels. Being a hopeless romantic, it gave a safe haven to work on improving my comprehension, vocabulary, and imagination.
  • Writing–my family has always been creative people even though we do not seems to pursue it as a means of finance. I have always written and drawn, and once I had a camera, phorography. Learning about creative writing as long inspired me to write and publish my own book. Thanks to my English Composition 2 class in college, I have learned how to have a conversation with books, which is not initially as easy as it may sound. It also involves writing and notetaking in books but can be so worth it as a means of deep comprehension. I am a member of a favorite author of mine’s “wordplayers” as she calls it and I get to interact with her often. It’s great!
  • History–where would the human race be without history for we would be deemed to repeat prevoius mistakes, would we not? History is not only to know where one comes from (i.e. geneology), but it opens our eyes to a time that we may have not been alive for and/or be able to experience. The evidence speaks so loud if only one would look Oh, how much fun it was to be a woman during the civil war. The hilarious things that “uppity” women did then. Honestly, it wasn’t until my high school american history teacher that I began to enjoy american history in really any element. She also made me appreciate and understand the wars that have occurred and the reasons of those times.
  • Museums–as you can see from the previous point, I would enjoy museums. They are collections of memories and ways to get to know people and places you would not otherwise truly know. Have you ever seen or smelled a first edition book? Have you read the hand written notes, letters, or journals from people a century or more ago? If not, check out archive.org (the Internet Archive) or loc.gov (Library of Congress). The digital copies of these amazing materials that are being protected and preserved is an experience like no other. We live in the information age and there is more than one way to experience a museum than by visiting.


Of course, you’re always welcome to ask.